Week of Sneak Peeks | Reds and Geometrics

Week of Sneak Peeks | Reds and Geometrics

If there is one color quilters seem to generally agree on, it’s red. You always need a few true reds in your stash, right?

We’re thrilled to show off some of the glorious reds in this season’s collection. While we certainly have a nice range of shades and tones, each of these reds are true RED, and absolutely beautiful. Don’t you agree?

Red Batik

You can always count on finding beautiful organic shapes in our collections – we do flowers and foliage fabulously! But, sometimes we like to mix things up. This season we introduced a line of Geometrics which, as you can probably guess, is made up of gorgeous geometric patterns! They are complemented with bright, bold colors. Check out the groups Celestial Dreams, Lucky Ladybug, and Rosey Posey for geo inspiration!

Geometric Batiks

Don’t forget that these fabrics will be hitting shelves in January!

2 thoughts on “Week of Sneak Peeks | Reds and Geometrics”

  1. SewCalGal says:

    Great post, beautiful fabrics. As I’m actually hunting for great red/white fabrics your reds certainly catch my attention.


  2. Sharon Powless says:

    I certainly love these reds! Also love the white batiks I got yesterday! So glad I stopped by.

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