Week of Sneak Peeks | Basics and Blenders

Week of Sneak Peeks | Basics and Blenders

No matter your quilty style and color preferences, it’s always nice to have fabrics that “play well” with a number of different fabrics at the same time. Not every fabric can steal the show with lively patterns and five different colors! Sometimes you just need a tone-on-tone batik with a simple, subtle pattern to help highlight the other fabrics in your quilt. Or, perhaps you like using slightly more “quiet” fabrics altogether. Either way, our new Blenders fit the bill!

This beautiful line of tone-on-tone fabrics is offered in a rainbow of colors and a verity of subtle patterns that are made specifically to tie into and work well with each of our seasonal collections.

Blenders batiks

Also new to our lineup is our collection of Basics! This line of solid and mottled batiks is perfect to draw from when you need a solid solid color. Each fabric, like all Island Batik fabric, is hand dyed by our skilled artisans in Bali. Instead of being stamped and dyed again like the fabrics in our seasonal lines, Basics are simply dyed once then hung under the sun to dry.


It’s a color explosion! They are just fabulous, aren’t they? Which colors are your favorite?

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  1. Carole says:

    Gorgeous! LOVE all of them!!!

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