Quilted In Honor Updates

Quilted In Honor Updates

The support of the Quilted In Honor initiative has been overwhelming – THANK YOU to all of our partners, sponsors, designers, and stores who have jumped in and made it such a success!

We wanted to share some updates about the program and a very special story from one of our designers. Read on for details!

The Traveling Exhibit

The traveling exhibit featuring over 50 quilts by celebrity designers (and using Quilted In Honor fabrics, of course 😉 ) is currently touring the country. It’s almost booked solid until 2015! You can find the schedule (and see when it will be near you) on the Quilted In Honor website.

Quilt Challenge

Get involved by entering a quilt into the Giving Quilt Challenge! What’s a giving quilt, you may ask? It’s a quilt with pockets, made for gift cards or cash, sewn into the blocks or sashing. All of the quilts collected for this challenge will be donated to Operation Homefront, who will then hang them public areas (like banks and community centers), inviting members of the community to stuff them with gift cards and cash. When all of the pockets are full, the quilts and everything in them will be given to local military families in need. Learn more about giving quilts and the challenge by watching Eleanor Burns in the video below!

Giving Quilt Challenge from Quilt in a Day on Vimeo.

Quilt Draw

This is one awesome opportunity! By making a $5.00 donation to Operation Homefront, you enter yourself to win this quilt from designer and teacher PJ Anderson (more from her below). But it gets even better – the winner of the quilt will also win a class with one of the Quilted In Honor celebrity designers! Donate and enter now!

Stars of Glory

In the Media

Quilters Newsletter featured Quilted In Honor in their December/January issue! Pick up a copy to see for yourself (you can see a preview on the Quilted In Honor website)!

A Very Special Story

PJ Anderson is one of the many wonderful designers we’ve had the opportunity to work with. She has gone above and beyond with Quilted In Honor, designing and making multiple quilts for donation, and touring the country sharing her work and the Quilted In Honor mission everywhere she goes.

Recently she shared a story with us about one of her shop visits. She said, “The soldier [pictured here] is a disabled veteran, US Marine, injured in Afghanistan. Upon hearing my story of Fractured, he came to me with tears in his eyes and said he did not know how I did it, but the quilt depicts exactly how he feels inside. We were both so moved by our feelings that words could not truly express that moment in time.”

PJ Anderson and Veteran

PJ Anderon's Fractured quilt and service members

Thank you for all you do, PJ!

To learn more about Quilted In Honor, its beneficiary Operation Homefront, and how YOU can get involved, visit www.QuiltedInHonor.com!

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