Project Summary

Fundraising Initiative

Quilted In Honor (QIH), led by Island Batik, is a fund raising initiative for Operation Homefront, one of the top military fund raising organizations, and is intended to harness the collective power of the quilting industry to give back to the ones that need it most. Individually, each organization could donate something, but if we all worked together to support this outstanding organization – what could we really achieve?

Quilted In Honor Logo


The project has three areas of participation, however the over arching goal is for the quilting industry to come together as a whole to support our returning veterans and their families. Operation Homefront was chosen to be the beneficiary of the Quilted In Honor project because of their programs, their top rank among military charities in the United States, and because of the need they have expressed for quilts and quilted projects. It’s a perfect partnership for the quilting industry and one that aligns both our industry focus and our grass roots infrastructure to drive as much involvement as possible.


Island Batik is leading a team of Industry Partners, Celebrity Quilters and Sponsors in an 24 month program that launched in Portland, Oregon at Quilt Market in the spring of 2013. The official consumer launch will be held at the American Quilter's Society Quilt Show in Des Moines, Iowa in early October. A second industry launch will take place in Houston at Quilt Market and Quilt Festival in the fall of 2013, allowing for quilt stores and guilds to continue the momentum they have built from the first launch. Island Batik has signed the “overall” fund raising agreement with Operation Homefront, and will support the minimum $25,000 donation requirement to participate in a fund raising initiative. 



The flagship for the Quilted In Honor project is the Quilted In Honor fabric line by Island Batik. Based on the fabric line and Celebrity quilting projects, Industry Partners have developed integrated retail products for the project with a percentage of retail sales donated to Operation Homefront. All Partners that have developed retail products have signed participation agreements with Operation Homefront that determines either a percentage of sales or a minimum dollar amount to be donated.


Celebrity Quilters

Celebrity Quilters have lent their names to the Quilted In Honor project and donated patterns for various initiatives. Many have an opportunity to develop an integrated retail product for the project with a percentage of retail sales donated to Operation Homefront, and a series of Celebrity Quilter events have been planned as promotion for the Quilted In Honor project. All Celebrity Quilters developing retail products have signed participation agreement with Operation Homefront as well. There is also a group of emerging designers lending their names and talent to the program, producing free patterns for the retail launch of the Quilted In Honor fabric line. Visit our Designers page to see a full list of participants.

Celebrity Designers



Sponsors have joined the Quilted In Honor project to provide donations of goods and services to help promote the program and leverage the costs of promotion. Additionally, some Sponsors have made corporate donations to Operation Homefront. The marketing and promotion of the Quilted In Honor project supports retailers and subsequently individual quilters and quilt guilds, reaching the grass roots of the industry. Programs have been and will be provided for their participation in the Quilted In Honor program that benefit Operation Homefront either through percentage of sales donations or through the donation of quilted projects. Visit our Sponsors page to view a full list of Sponsors.

Extending Beyond Our Borders

The quilting industry is international, and this program can extend beyond the borders Operation Homefront constitutes help to protect.  These projects can work with ex-pat quilters overseas, and many of the colors from Island Batik and the Partners to the project have products that can align with patriotic colors from other regions around the world. Finally, military fundraising organizations in NATO countries have been identified for non-American quilters to participate in the project for the benefit of charities at home either through percentage of sales donations or through the donation of quilted projects.