Halloween Fun, a Good Reason to Step out of your Box

Halloween Fun, a Good Reason to Step out of your Box


I have had my embroidery machine for a while – the Bernina 830. I have played with the embroidery module a lot and have been very happy with the small projects that I have made. I decided that I wanted to make a whole quilt using embroidered blocks. I wanted to choose a project that would challenge me to step out of my box and reach past my usual comfort zone.

My Island Batik marketing colleague, Katie, loves Halloween and especially the colour orange. We both loved the Halloween-themed quilt by Lunchbox Quilts called Halloween Fun.  I had heard really good things about the digitizing and liked the fact that there was also a classic applique pattern for those without embroidery machines.


Using my favourite Island Batik fabrics I experimented with combining printed novelty fabrics and batik. I went to a couple local fabric shops and picked out a few Halloween novelty fabrics. I don’t know how many times I have been told you can’t mix batik and novelty fabrics. I’m not sure why; it just seemed to be one of those rules made to be broken. This quilt project was also a great opportunity to push myself and work with really bright colours.

ImageI had a great deal of fun choosing fabrics for my Halloween Fun quilt project.

I put together all of the notions necessary to get started-Aurifil thread, stabilizer, appliqué scissors, and began my journey. I learned from making my first Judy Niemeyer quilt that enjoying the process is very important. Relax and be in the moment. There are a lot of blocks in this quilt and I felt each one deserved the same level of enthusiasm in picking fabric and thread colours.

I began by embroidering all of the pumpkin blocks first. They were very easy to stitch out. The satin stitch is wide and forgiving. Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download


After the pumpkins , the ghosts. At this point my grandchildren discovered the project. They were so excited to see all of the fun shapes!


I couldn’t resist jumping around a bit. I stitched out a witches hat or two as well as some of the other blocks. I just had to see how my fabrics were working together.


Once all the blocks were stitched out it was time to square them up and start putting them up on my design wall. Necessity is the mother of invention – I made by own templates for squaring up blocks out of cardboard.


There were very few seams to line up in putting the blocks together making the project good for all levels of quilters. The units went together in sections and it was easy to assemble. Angie Steveson at Lunchbox Quilts writes a comprehensive, easy-to-follow pattern. I sewed the sections together, then the rows. 


I used a bit of an assembly line process when making all of those little candy corn blocks for the border. A good audio book or some great music helps the process along. The borders went together easily. Sewing them on was the final process before quilting.


For the first time I quilted with a variegated thread. I had never used one before! I am the type of quilter who needs to predict her results and I always felt variegated threads were unpredictable as to the finish. I actually learned that variegated threads are very forgiving and really work well on a project with so much colour change.


Finally it was time for the binding and my Halloween Fun project was finished. Everyone who has seen the quilt hanging in my studio from my kids, to my Grandies, to visitors, have tried to lay claim to it but I think this quilt has a home with me. I just love it!



6 thoughts on “Halloween Fun, a Good Reason to Step out of your Box”

  1. Maryellen says:

    I love it, too! It’s so fun. I really want an embroidery machine.

  2. LInda Pearl says:

    This is a beautiful quilt…I love how the batiks enhance the novelty fabrics.

  3. Vicki in MN says:

    It’s adorable. Almost makes me want to dust of my emb. machine!! I mix Batik’s and regular fabric all the time, so why not novelty too 🙂

  4. Brenda Hulsey says:

    This is so cute! Beautiful job!

  5. Allison CB says:

    Great project! Love the fabric choices!

  6. Bea says:

    Oh I’ve been wanting a few of their sets, they are SEW cool…..

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