End of Week Two Beat The Heat Blog Hop & Giveaway

End of Week Two Beat The Heat Blog Hop & Giveaway

End of Week Two Beat The Heat Blog Hop & Giveaway

Thank you for joining us this week! And what a great week it has been! It is pure joy seeing all the creative ways the Ambassadors have been using the Island Batik Spring 2019 collections in their beautiful quilts! We hope you are loving all of the different quilts being made with these gorgeous new collections!

It is Friday and that means the time has come for a round-up of the quilts, created by our talented Ambassadors during Week Two of the Blog Hop! Make sure you click the links above the quilt images to see the posts with the quilts and learn more about the designers’ process and the tools used; there are even bonus giveaways for many of the posts. You really don’t want to miss out on bonus giveaways! 

This week, the featured Spring 2019 collections are:

Garden Party
Geared Up
Graphic Gems

If you have a local quilt shop, be sure to let them know how much you love Island Batik collections and Batik Foundations! If your area stores don’t carry our fabulous batiks yet, contact our team and we will reach out!

Let’s get started with the fantastic quilts from the Beat the Heat Blog Hop Week Two! 

Karen Neary

Carol Moellers

Michelle Roberts

Laticia “Tish” Stemple

(Debora) Anne Wiens

Gene Black

Tina Dillard

Bea Lee

Today we are also opening a new giveaway for Week Three of the Blog Hop!

Quiet Shades is a new Signature Collection by Kathy Engle for Chris Hoover of Whirligig Designs, featuring a neutral color palette of tender grays, yellows, greens and purples. The Quiet Shades Precut Bundle is a happy addition to any stash! To enter for your chance to win, follow the easy-to-use prompts on Rafflecopter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway ends on August 23rd at 11:59 pm EDT. A random winner will be chosen and announced on August 26th.

If the winner does not respond within the first five days after being notified, a new random winner will be chosen and notified.

There is still time to participate in the Week Two giveaway! Get your last minute entry in for the chance to win the Island Batik Garden Party Precut bundle by visiting Beat the Heat Blog Hop

124 thoughts on “End of Week Two Beat The Heat Blog Hop & Giveaway”

  1. Carla Hundley says:

    Love the lovely colored shades.
    Carla from Utah

  2. Julie Bailey says:

    perfectly blendable soft Pastel textures

  3. Margaret Schmitt says:

    I love the vibrant colors and different packages!

  4. Christi says:

    These are soft colors like feathers, a gentle whisper.

  5. Nancy D says:

    Brings feelings of peaceful solitude.

  6. Melody Lutz says:

    Luscious delicious calming soothing serenity.

  7. Janine A. says:

    Luminescent colors!

  8. Lori Smanski says:

    These are lovely.
    Fluid, Gentle, Soft, Soothing, Light

  9. Pam Jolly says:

    Quiet, gentle, peaceful, calm, serene.

  10. Nicole Sender says:

    Peaceful thoughts and calming dreams!

  11. Anita says:

    Love the soothing soft colors.

    1. Katlyn Koester says:

      The quiet shades are: subtle, earthy, gentle, peaceful and lovely!

  12. Anna says:

    Very very nice great job every body and the colors are to die for.

  13. Marie says:

    fist light of dawn on the lake

  14. Joyce Carter says:

    Soft shades of beautiful colors.
    Thank you for the chance.

  15. Cecilia says:

    Beautiful, serene, soft, pastel, glowing!

  16. Pam says:

    richly textured pastel blendable batiks

  17. April Lopez says:

    Calm, natural, peaceful, nature, regal

  18. Cindy Shelley says:

    Soft, Beautiful, Delicate, Pretty, Calming

  19. Roseanne says:

    Such lovely collections and all of the quilts made are just perfect. ~smile~ Roseanne

  20. Margaret Handlin says:

    Love everyone’s quilts. Beautiful job, beautiful fabrics..

  21. Kelly D says:

    Subtle colors that show movement.

  22. Sandy Allen says:

    Simple subtle shades for sewing

  23. Sue Glover says:

    Can’t wait to use them.

    1. Amanda Hoffman says:

      Beautiful and peaceful designs/colors.

  24. Linda Cartwright says:

    Beautiful soft pastel fabric colors.

  25. Allison says:

    Soft shifting sands desert shadows

  26. Soft and dreamy ocean colors. Looks like a tropical dream. Thank you for another beautiful giveaway.

  27. Michele T says:

    Dreamy, soft colours and lovely, textured prints. I love this gorgeous collection.

  28. Andromache says:

    Fantastic colors… Wish there was a shop in Greece!

  29. Delaine says:

    Gorgeously soft beautiful pastel awesome-ness!

  30. susan lentz says:

    Love, love, love the serenity!

  31. Lori Morton says:

    Such Beautiful soft calming shades!!

  32. Μοιρούλα Μπογιατζόγλου says:

    Quiet, gentle, peaceful, calm, serene

  33. Audrey AM says:

    Colors of sunshine through leaves.

  34. Laurie Sanders says:

    I love this collection – very soothing. Thanks for a chance to win!

  35. Caroline Rohrer says:

    beautiful fabrics.

  36. Denise L. says:

    Lovely gentle peaceful neutral fabrics!

  37. Carmen Rudnick says:

    Beautiful shades of nature colors

  38. Becky Smith says:

    I’d say the colors are calming.

  39. suzanprincess says:

    These will make great backgrounds.

  40. Rochelle Summers says:

    Soft, sunny, muted but sing.

  41. Edna V. says:

    Serenity like a calm morning.

  42. Kathleen Kingsbury says:

    Shades of a sunny day.

  43. Kathryne Bayle says:

    Such beautiful shades of batiks. I can think of many, many ways to use this collection.

  44. Peaceful gentle shades so beautifujl

  45. Barb K says:

    Lying in the quiet shade!

  46. Diane H says:

    Water, sand, waves, breezes, paradise.

  47. Tina Wood says:

    Cool, calm, restful colors.

  48. Kay Statom says:

    Lush peaceful warm spring inviting

  49. Anne Marie Pearle says:

    Most beautiful fabric collection ever

  50. Crystal says:

    I absolutely love the Batiks and incorporate them when I can. I think these subtle shades are so cool together and would love to include them with my next project. I wish I had an easier time finding them! Alas, I am from a small-ish town and the selection isn’t as diverse. But it sure is fun looking!

  51. Linda Kau says:

    I want some of all!!

  52. Jean says:

    Perfect for our Miss Jane

  53. Diane Bucknill says:

    Beautiful, restful colors

  54. Melanie Tehan says:

    Oh so quiet and beautiful!

  55. Lisa Bond says:

    The purple batiks are indescribable

  56. Bobbie Campbell says:

    I really like the subtle shades- to me great for a scrappy quilt.

  57. Gloria Norris says:

    These colors are so soft and relaxing. They would be beautiful along with some brights for a fall quilt.

  58. Gail says:

    Serene, beautiful, and extremely versatile pallette.

  59. Kathleen M Cameron says:

    Beautiful warm cozy shades! Love them!

  60. susanprincess says:

    Will make great backgrounds!

  61. Heide says:

    A Picnic in a meadow.

  62. Gloria says:

    I really just want to cuddle up in these gentle colors. Very beautiful.

  63. Jacqueline Boudreau says:

    Quiet Shades speek for themselves. They would make a beautiful soft quilt in colors I do not have. It would be fantastic to win this.

  64. Linda L Beck says:

    Lovely, soft, muted, calming, happy

  65. Lora Plymire says:

    They are gorgeous fabric line!

  66. Kresti Lyddon says:

    Beautiful soft colors and prints!

  67. Penny Droessler says:

    Beautiful shades would love these

  68. Sharrin Bacon says:

    Soft gentle and quite inviting.

  69. Sue Fordham says:

    gorgeous, subtle, quiet, versatile, soft

  70. Leslie Sitton says:

    Love the muted shades of lavender and mustard together.

  71. Mandy Whalen says:

    beautiful, peaceful, serene,, quiet,silence

  72. Rita S says:

    These fabrics are quiet, soft.

  73. Billie Shannon says:

    Subtle, quiet, non-primary, many shades of the color wheel, hard to resist

  74. Debbie Bailey says:

    Love the lighter shades that have so much texture in the design.

  75. Joan says:

    Lovely shades of favorite colors!

  76. Pat says:

    These are so pretty. I could think of a hundred ways to use them

  77. Margaret Creek says:

    Beautiful, calm, peaceful colours. Love!

  78. Geneva Lowery says:

    Batik colors to die for!!!

  79. rebecca flees says:

    Love the color combination in the set!

  80. Melany says:

    These speak my love language!

  81. Eileen deMars says:

    Love the various shades and designs. Thanks for the opportunity to win

  82. Shannon K Denbow says:

    Soothing, exhilerating, exciting, beautiful, romantic

  83. Pamela Jean Richards says:

    Absolutely beautiful – calming! soft – scrumptious

  84. Cheryl says:

    Love the subtle colours – perfect for contrasting with my more intense selections!

  85. Laura M says:

    Peaceful, calming, subtle, serene, soft.

  86. Diantha Howard says:

    beautiful pastel blendable batik fabrics

  87. Becky says:

    Refreshing, calming, subtle, delicately beautiful..

  88. Nancy Myers says:

    Textured, natural, refreshing, dignified, fabric

  89. Judy H says:

    Love the quilts. This is making me love batiks more and more.

  90. Jonnie says:

    Quiet Shades is a perfect name

  91. Carol Kussart says:

    Peaceful, calming, refreshing, pretty, outdoors-y

  92. Patricia Evans says:

    Softly, swirling, subtle, calming marbles

  93. Nancy Sumner says:

    Soft stone colored pastels

  94. Karen A says:

    Peaceful, serene, calming, poetic and lovely.

  95. Sarah@123quilt says:

    Peaceful, Calm, Tranquil, Delicate, Relaxed.

  96. Sherry says:

    Love the quiet shades collection.

  97. Yolanda says:

    Such a richness to batiks. I love them.

  98. Mary DAVIS says:

    Rich textures, neutral palettes, blends.

  99. Lisa Vanhook says:

    Cool, soft, summer wind and rain. I want to do this! So very interesting.

  100. Dixie McAdam says:

    Calm, textured, soft design, nature.

  101. Sharon Aurora says:

    Gentle breeze in summer fields.

    Love, love, LOVE this collection.

  102. carol says:

    calming, quieting, peaceful, nature inspired, and lovely.

  103. Vivian Oaks says:

    Light, Airy, Beautiful, Gorgeous, Perfect!!!

  104. Kathy E. says:

    duchick at mchsi dot com

  105. Karen Van Raden Dudley says:

    I think the quiet batiks will be fun to work with with the earthy shades and manly quilts in our lives.

  106. Eleni says:

    Beautiful soft pastel fabric colors.

  107. Anne Dawson says:

    Pretty, purple, pale, pastel, pleasing

  108. Ellen robinson says:

    Light, quiet, calm colors rock!

  109. Dawn F. says:

    Lovely soft shades exude peace.

  110. Cheri Searles says:


  111. Donita M says:

    I love the soft peaceful shades of the Quiet Shades. Reminds me of the woods as they meet the edge of a lake, restful and soothing. Thanks for the giveaway!

  112. Kelly says:

    These new batiks are beautiful!

  113. Danice says:

    calming, soft, relaxing, delicate, and summery

  114. Helen Hubert says:

    Morning light disturbing the darkness.

  115. Verna says:

    Morning mist on the lake!

  116. Lisa says:


  117. Carolyn white says:

    Love all these fabrics

  118. Becky says:

    Lovely, delicate, calming, romantic, delicious

  119. Ellee says:

    Yummy beautiful tranquil gentle soft

  120. Nina E says:

    calming; dreamy; tranquil; serene; and peaceful

    1. Kelly woods says:

      Unique, soothing, pretty, light, vibrant

  121. Liz Smith says:

    Lovely colors! Wonderful fabric to make something beautiful!

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