End of Week Three Beat The Heat Blog Hop and Giveaway

End of Week Three Beat The Heat Blog Hop and Giveaway

End of Week Three Beat The Heat Blog Hop and Giveaway

Thank you for following Beat the Heat Blog Hop! Week 3 is over and we absolutely love all the fantastic ways the Ambassadors have been using the new Island Batik Spring 2019 collections in their beautiful projects! So much inspiration!

It is Friday and that means the time has come to review the quilts, created by our talented Ambassadors during Week Three of the Blog Hop! Check the links above the quilt images to see the posts with the quilts and learn more about the projects and the tools used; there are even bonus giveaways for many of the posts. You really don’t want to miss out on bonus giveaways! 

This week, the featured Spring 2019 collections are:

Steam Engine

Sunny Side Up

If you have a local quilt shop, be sure to let them know how much you love Island Batik collections and Batik Foundations! If your area stores don’t carry our fabulous batiks yet, contact our team and we will reach out!

Let’s wait no more and revisit all the fantastic quilts from the Beat the Heat Blog Hop Week Three!

Joanne Hart

Carla Henton

Connie Kauffman

Vasudha Govindan

Vicki Schlimmer

Mania Hatziioannidi

Gail Sheppard

We are excited to announce our final giveaway for Week Four of the Blog Hop!

Steam Engine is a fantastic new Signature Collection by Kathy Engle for Deb Tucker’s Studio 180 Design! This fresh Spring 2019 collection features a host of deep purples, teal-blues and tender grays. The Steam Engine Fat Quarter Pack will be a fantastic addition to any stash! To enter for your chance to win, follow the easy-to-use prompts on Rafflecopter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway ends on August 30th at 12:00 am Pacific Time. A random winner will be chosen and announced on September 2nd!

If the winner does not respond within the first five days after being notified, a new random winner will be chosen and notified.

There is still time to participate in the Week Two giveaway! Get your last minute entry in for the chance to win the Island Batik Quiet Shades Precut Bundle by visiting Beat the Heat Blog Hop!

117 thoughts on “End of Week Three Beat The Heat Blog Hop and Giveaway”

  1. Melody Lutz says:

    Just send me a bolt of each in the Petal Pushers collection and I’m GOOD!

    1. Nancy D says:

      I like Steam Engine as I like the different shades of blues in the collection.

      1. Lanetta O. says:

        Steam Engine actually all fabrics are beautiful!

        1. Kristi says:

          Vasudha Govindhas quilt is lovely. Reminds me of mountains in the sunset.

  2. Nicole Sender says:

    Quiet Shades is my favorite for this week! All are beautiful!

  3. Carla Hundley says:

    I love the Enchanted
    Forest collection. Such
    beautiful quilts on the
    Carla from Utah

    1. Libby Skinner says:

      Steam Engine is my favorite combo so far! I may have to go get it even if I don’t win! Because….I need more fabric….

  4. Anita says:

    Petal Pushers is my favorite for the week!

  5. Iris Wilson says:

    I love the bright cheery petal pushers!

    1. JudiC says:

      I love the Steam Engine collection. Actually almost bought one of the fabrics today but am holding out to win 😉

  6. Gayle Moyer says:

    Hard to choose. There are so many beautiful collections. this week I choose Quiet Shades

  7. Sharon Aurora says:

    I love them all but Quiet Shades is my favorite but Quiet Shades is my favorite for this week.

  8. Pennie winkler says:

    Love petal pushers but I gotta have electric desert too.

  9. Diane says:

    Your batiks are gorgeous!

  10. Turid says:

    Just now it has to be Steam Engine, as I’m working with blue fabrics. But I love all the bright fabrics from Island Batik.

  11. Lori Smanski says:

    That is a really hard question. I would take a bolt of each.
    But, Petal Pushers would be my first choice.

  12. Susan K says:

    I like the Quiet shades. Although the blues in Steam Engine are pretty 😎 cool.

  13. Joyce Carter says:

    My favorite collection is Enchanted Forest. Thank you for the chance.

  14. Quiet Shades would go so well on their own, or to highlight a favourite blue or purple.

  15. Michele T says:

    Steam Engine because I love the colours and prints!

  16. Christi says:

    Those blues will get me so Steam Engine will be my favorite but I love all of them. You can just send a little bit of each one to my house.

  17. Katlyn says:

    I like too many to pick a favorite! I just love Batiks in general, they are all so gorgeous!

  18. Anna brown says:

    I agree great job so many projects with so many pretty colors…

  19. Pam says:

    Love all the batiks!

  20. Becky says:

    I have really like Crystal Sea, but now I’m in awe of Steam Engine. Not sure which is my favorite! 🤔

  21. Diantha Howard says:

    I really like “Quiet Shades”

  22. Janine Allen says:

    I love the quiet shades collection. I have lots of dark batiks and these lighter ones are so refreshing!

  23. Liz Smith says:

    Quiet Shades is lovely!

  24. Lori Morton says:

    Love Pedal Pushers! So hard tho..to pick just one favorite tho..love em all..giggle… My fave pick tho…was due to my Grangirlie 🙂 she loves the colors.

  25. Georgi Sears says:

    I absolutely adore the colors in your Seedlings collection! Thanks for the chance to win something!!

  26. Pam says:

    I love the Quiet Shades collection!

  27. Allison Evrard says:

    I think my favorite is Quiet Shades, but they re all beautiful!

  28. Cecilia says:

    Right now Petal Pushers is my favorite. All of the quilts were beautiful!

  29. Jessie M says:

    I would have to say Seedlings is my favorite right now!

  30. Pamela Casey says:

    Steam Engine is my favorite collection!

  31. Kiska says:

    I’m so torn between the Petal Pushers and Quiet Shades! I love them both!

  32. Kathy Boice says:

    I love the Steam Engine fabrics ! Beautiful colors and we all know Island Batik always is the best in batik fsbrics

  33. Mary DAVIS says:

    The subtleness of Quiet Shades and the vibrancy of Petal Pushers are both my favorites this week.

  34. Maria Rogers says:

    I live the seedlings and Steam punk collections

  35. Theresa says:

    Love all the new colors, the quilts are fabulous.

  36. Patti says:

    I love Island Batiks. I really like the Steam Engine line.

  37. usairdoll says:

    So fun!Love the Petal Pushers!!

    Fingers crossed!

  38. Constance P. says:

    The lovely blues and purples of Steam Engine sing to me. I love those colors and the subtle prints are perfect.

  39. Kimberly Weaver says:

    I really like the blues and purples in steam engine. I also really like petal pushers. I guess I just really love fabrics, especially batiks!

  40. Cheryl Perez says:

    Love the Deb Tucker Steam Engine fabrics

  41. Amy Swencak says:

    The Steam Engine collection compliments the right shades of blues purples and greys, cannot wait to get this line and start playing❤️

  42. Caralie Gunderson says:

    I don’t think I’ve met a batik I haven’t liked but both the collections for Deb Tucker by Kathy Engle are very special!

  43. Pam Jolly says:

    I like them all, but Petal Pushers is my favorite!

  44. Jane Martyn says:

    Definitely Petal Pushers!! I love any and all batik fabric!!

  45. Beth T. says:

    Seedlings is my favorite, with its combination of great colors and designs.

  46. Raye says:

    I love them all.

  47. Marie says:

    I love Petal pushers!

  48. Beth B says:

    Beautiful fabrics and hard to choose just one. Soil and seeds is my favorite at this moment.

  49. Delaine says:

    I love the Quiet Shades collection. Thanks!

  50. Michele Jacques says:

    Steam Engine is my favorite–but, really–who can choose just one? Not me!

  51. Denise Pierce says:

    I love all the colors beautiful

  52. JudiC says:

    Quiet Shades just perfect for Mountain living.

  53. Fay Tomayer says:

    Love, love the seedlings collection!

  54. Laura G says:

    Petal pushers currently but Rose of Sharon from the past

  55. Pamela says:

    Blue is my favorite color, so definitely Steam Engine

  56. Ed Huehn says:

    Soil and Seeds is really my color pallet. Beautiful.

  57. Andi says:

    Great job by all the Ambassadors. I am continually inspired by their beautiful work.

  58. Deb Wolfe says:

    So lovely – impossible to choose!

  59. Jo-Anne Cooper says:

    Seedlings appeals to me.

  60. They are all so tempting, but ” Seedlings” with those blues and greens in softer shades is my pick. And every quilt shown here is truly beautiful and shows each collection so well.

  61. Gill Moore says:

    Steam engine – the colours and patterns are amazing

  62. Verna A. says:

    I’m a fan of blue, so the Steam Engine collection is my favorite!

  63. Julie B says:

    I do not have a favorite.

  64. Becky Smith says:

    I don’t know if I really have a favorite. I mostly appliqué so my favorite is whatever matches the feeling I’m looking for at that moment. I really like the steam engine, even though I’m not sure what I want to use it in.

  65. Cindy Shelley says:

    I love blues, so Steam Engine line for me.

  66. Carolyn white says:

    Love them all-however this new Steam Engine is terrific because I love blues.

  67. Ellee says:

    Steam Engine is clearly my favorite — all those yummy blues!

  68. Sally Ann says:

    Gorgeous fabric!

  69. Deb Slater says:

    Love all the lines!! But Steam Engine could be my favorite. Can’t wait to get some!!

  70. Sharon Matz says:

    I love this collection of Batiks! It would look awesome in a Deb Tucker Quilt!

  71. Kathy E. says:

    Petal Pushers is surely my favorite collection from Island Batik! Those hot, fresh colors are so vibrant for any project! Fun and exciting!
    duchick at gmail dot com

  72. Denise L. says:

    Steam engine, love the blues.

  73. Cindy says:

    I love the Quiet Shades collection!

  74. Yolanda says:

    It would be difficult to choose. They are all beautiful and I would enjoy working with any of them!

  75. Mary Buckle says:

    I just love Steam Engine.

  76. Caryn Glaser says:

    I really like the Steam Engine –the blue colorway is fabulous!

  77. Cristina says:

    Love, love, love Geared Up collection, but also anything in jewel tones, in pale shadows and rainbow colors.

  78. Pat Frieman says:

    I’m a “blue girl” anyway, so the Steam Engine collection is right up my alley!

  79. Susan Spiers says:

    All of the collections & projects for this blog hop are amazing! I love the blues & purples of the Steam Engine collection! So hard to choose!

  80. Linda Cartwright says:

    Hard to choose a favorite. I love petal pusher and steam engine

  81. Betty H says:

    I like the rich colors of Steam Engine.

  82. Deb says:

    Steam engine is my favorite!

  83. Deirdre O'Riordan says:

    I love the patterns and colors in Steam Engine!

  84. Cynthia says:

    They’re gorgeous, but Quiet Shades is calling to me. 😉

  85. Patricia Evans says:

    They are all so lovely, I can’t choose a favorite!!

  86. Ruth Rocker says:

    Picking a favorite line is like picking a favorite child. They’re all so beautiful!

  87. Teri says:

    Love the Steam Engine collection.

  88. Tammy Howell says:

    Island Batiks are wonderful!

  89. June Mahr says:

    Steam Engine, blues and lavenders are my go to colors

  90. Allison Church Bird says:

    Love those Quiet Shades!!!

  91. Holly says:

    These are beautiful!

  92. Kim Loar says:

    Love the Steam Engine— gorgeous!

  93. Kim Fox says:

    Loving those blues and purples in the Steam Engine collection!

  94. Anne Dawson says:

    I love quiet shades😍

  95. Jayne P says:

    Quiet Shades is really subtle

  96. Kelly D says:

    Steam Engine is my favorite collection. I love the blues with a touch of purple.

  97. Dawn F. says:

    I’m loving petal pushers! So bright!

  98. Susan Green says:

    I love Steam Engine as I love blues!

  99. Karon Henderson says:

    So difficult to chose just one but the Steam Engine has such vibrant blues I must pick it.

  100. lee says:

    Im in love with Enchanted Forest!

  101. Georgia Franko says:

    I love these colors! Must be Steam Engine.

  102. Barb K says:

    Petal Pushers is great with all the colors but I also love those beautiful blues in Steam Engine!

  103. Anita L Jackson says:

    The Steam Engine collection is so soothing and looks like it could be used as a great blender too!

  104. Nancy says:

    I love blue and yellow together so my favorite is Sunny Side Up!

  105. Janice James says:

    I love blues so the Steam Engine collection is my favorite!!!

  106. Hilda says:

    Steam Engine is my pick!

  107. Donna Coffin says:

    Love the colors of blue in Steam Engine!

  108. Darlene B says:

    Not a fair question when they are all fantastic! I have loved the Steam Engine collection. But all of them are wonderful!

  109. DawnyK says:

    Quiet Shades speaks to me! So lovely!!!

  110. Helen Bowie says:

    The collections are all beautiful but I love Quiet Shades

  111. Sue G says:

    It’s so hard to choose! I would have to go with petal pushers.

  112. Yes, the collections are beautiful and I would love to win one. Quiet Shades or the blues of Steam Engine would be my faves.

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