Beat The Heat Blog Hop!

Beat The Heat Blog Hop!

Beat The Heat Blog Hop!

Is it hot in here?

Island Batik is ready to help you cure the Summertime Blues with the Island Batik Ambassador Beat the Heat Blog Hop!

We decided to change things up for this Blog Hop! There will be weekly round-ups highlighting the Ambassadors and their quilts. The most exciting change is a weekly giveaway from one of the featured collections of the week! That gives you four opportunities to win gorgeous Island Batik fabrics!

The fabrics, featured in this month long blog hop, are from the stunning Spring 2019 Collections.

Twenty-seven Island Batik Ambassadors will be sharing projects every week using their “surprise” fabric bundle. The projects created are not predetermined, so we will be as surprised as you! It is always amazing to see the variety of ways the Ambassadors use the fabrics provided to them through the Island Batik Ambassador Program.

All the featured Island Batik collections will be coming to a quilt shop near you soon! Be sure to ask your local quilt shop if they are stocking one or, better yet, all these incredible collections. To find your local Island Batik shop, visit the Store Locator on our website, plug in your zip code or state, and your local shop will appear on the map! Super easy and helpful!

Island Batik collections are curated and include a variety of themed fabrics to create seasonal projects or to fit your style.

Be sure to visit all the incredible Island Batik Ambassadors’ blogs to discover inspiring creations.

Check the Island Batik Blog regularly so you do not miss a thing! The full list of Ambassadors’ names, collections they will be using in their projects, and their post dates are as follows:

Friday August 2
Blog Hop Kick off and first Giveaway!

Monday, August 5
Leanne Parsons
Sherry Shish

Tuesday, August 6
Bill Locke
Lisa Nielsen

Wednesday, August 7
Sandra Walker
Terri Vanden Bosch

Thursday, August 8
Pamela Boatright
Kathleen McCormick

Friday, August 9
Blog Round-Up Week 1

Monday, August 12
Karen Neary
Carol Moellers

Tuesday, August 13
Michelle Roberts
Laticia “Tish” Stemple

Wednesday, August 14
(Debora) Anne Wiens
Gene Black

Thursday, August 15
Tina D Dillard
Bea Lee

Friday, August 16
Blog Hop Round Up Week 2

Monday, August 19
Joanne Hart
Carla Henton

Tuesday, August 20
Connie Kauffman
Vasudha Govindan

Wednesday, August 21
Vicki Schlimmer
Mania Hatziioannidi

Thursday, August 22
Gail Sheppard

Friday, August 23
Blog Hop Round-Up Week 3

Monday, August 26
Maryellen McAuliffe
Jennifer Strauser

Tuesday, August 27
Connie K Campbell
Joan Kawano

Friday August 30
Blog Hop Round-Up Week 4

We are starting the first giveaway today! Weren’t expecting the fun to begin this soon, were you?

Everyone needs color in their lives!

The first giveaway is Jackie Kunkel’s Island Batik Electric Desert Precut Bundle! To enter for your chance to win, follow the easy-to-use prompts on Rafflecopter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway ends August, 9 at 11:59 pm EDT. A random winner will be chosen and announced on August, 12.

If the winner does not respond within the first five days after being notified, a new random winner will be chosen and notified.

Good luck and let’s get this party started!

145 thoughts on “Beat The Heat Blog Hop!”

  1. Laura says:

    I can’t wait to see what everyone has made!

    1. Laura says:

      And I DO love precuts! My favorite are the stash builder rolls!

    2. Mercedes says:

      I love all the beautiful projects .

      1. Jacklynn Grimm says:

        Beautiful fabrics!!

  2. Carolyn says:

    Excited about this opportunity

  3. Woohoo!! Let’s get this party started!!!

    1. Marilyn Walters says:

      Love the colors

  4. Marilyn Walters says:

    The collections are so beautiful.

  5. Julie Averill says:

    Love precuts !!!!

  6. Verna A. says:

    I love to use precuts, and batiks are my favorite!

  7. Cindy says:

    I have a lot of FQ’s. And am trying to use more of them in projects.

  8. Sandy Allen says:

    I love some precuts, but not all. 🙂 My favorites are layer cakes and fat quarters. Mini charms are not!

  9. Willow Olson says:

    Pre-cuts are fab’u’lous! You get a wonderful sampling of the full collection to create beautiful quilts 🙂

  10. Quilting Tangent says:

    Precuts make quilting faster, plus you get a sample of all the fabric in a collection, so they are great.

  11. Caroline Rohrer says:

    Beautiful fabrics. This will be fun to follow.

  12. Judy Dobbins says:

    Wow, what a gorgeous selection of batiks!

  13. Margaret Handlin says:

    Love them! Love batiks and so looking forward to this hop..

  14. Allison Evrard says:

    I love Island Batik blog hops! The fabrics are so beautiful!

  15. Anita says:

    Beautiful fabrics! I do love precuts!

  16. Kelly D says:

    I love precuts! I’ve made two quilts using Island Batik strip sets.

  17. Maria Paglia says:

    I am so anxious to see all the different projects!

  18. Ellen says:

    I love precuts – all shapes and sizes – except the mini charms. Your fabrics are gorgeous!!

  19. Allison in Alabama says:

    Love ore cuts especially fat quarters!

  20. Lee Thomson says:

    I love Jackie’s fabrics. Great colors!

  21. Allison says:

    I love precuts!

  22. Turid says:

    There are so many beautiful fabrics from last spring. Can’t wait to see what everyone’s making.

    1. Candice Schimmel says:

      I love a mix of precuts and yardage. Gotta have the yardage for borders and shashings! 😉

  23. Sarah says:

    Love your Fabrics! I can’t wait to see what the ambassadors come up with!

  24. Beth says:

    Gorgeous batiks. Would love to make my next quilt from them. I love using 2 1/2” and 10 inch squares.

  25. Becky says:

    I love fabric. Period. It doesn’t matter what cut it is. 🥰

  26. Melody Lutz says:

    Precuts, yardage, scraps…it’s all good!

  27. Christi says:

    I love precuts, never can get enough of them. The free patterns are wonderful.

  28. Cathy C says:

    I do like them for the variety you can get in one package. But I don’t always know what to do with them…

  29. Maryellen McAuliffe says:

    Great fun ahead! I love precuts, because we get the full range of fabrics in the collection.

  30. Lee says:

    Precuts are fun – it’s easier for me to choose a project for a precut than choose a fabric for a project

  31. Deirdre O'Riordan says:

    I use precuts regularly, primarily 5 and 10” squares.

  32. Precuts in the same shades are fabulous, and with your solids the fabrics go together like magic. I like the ones that have straight edges, and your batiks always are straight and have so little fraying.

  33. Colleen Taylor says:

    I do love pre-cuts, especially in Batiks! Thanks for the opportunity!

  34. Michele T says:

    Precuts are my favourite, especially FQ bundles!

  35. Laura S says:

    I like fat quarters but otherwise I prefer yardage over precuts

  36. Delaine says:

    I do love precuts – they are a great way to build my stash and reduce the amount of time it takes to make a quilt. Thanks!

  37. Julie DeBower says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun to follow!! Gorgeous batiks!

  38. Kathyl says:

    Great color combinations. It will be fun to see what comes from them.

  39. Kathyl says:

    Great color combinations. It will be fun to see what comes from them.

  40. Kathy E. says:

    I absolutely do love precuts and I especially love them when the fabric is Island Batiks! Anything so I can get to sewing sooner!

  41. Val says:

    Love the color wave

  42. Joyce Carter says:

    I do love precuts. They are much easier to work with plus you get a variety of different colors and patterns.

  43. Gail Zirtzlaff says:

    I love the awesome colors! And I do love quilting/piecing with batiks. They offer so many possibilities.

  44. MoeWest says:

    I use yardage more than precuts but for some patterns precuts are just the ticket!

  45. Lee Ann says:

    this is so great! I love blog hops! Loving the fabrics that will be used. Not sure how to get to everything yet but just found it today, 8/3. Thanks for having this!

  46. Nancy D says:

    I am new to precuts, and have not made too many items with them. But I noticed it does save time finding coordinating fabrics, not to mention saving cutting time.

  47. Lori Morton says:

    YES!!!! Loooove precuts!! 🙂 Thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way! 😀

  48. This is so exciting! And yes, I love precuts because they save me time. Who wouldn’t love that?

  49. Sarah Dauro says:

    I can’t wait to see all these projects!

  50. Chris says:

    Wonderful fabrics!

  51. Jayne P says:

    Yes – I love precuts

  52. Teri c says:

    I love precuts for quick projects or as a way to see a whole collection. Looking forward to the blog hop.

  53. Nancy A says:

    I like FQs and have used them a lot. I like scrappy quilts and FQs allow me a lot of variety.

  54. Sharon Aurora says:

    I do like precuts but I also like yardage.

  55. Louise Sicard says:

    Beautiful color.

  56. Karen Overton says:

    I adore precuts! There are so many different ways to use them and I truly appreciate having the duplicates as many times ya’ just need two strips or two stacks of the same fabric!

  57. Pam Jolly says:

    I LOVE precuts!

  58. Angela J Short says:

    Neat fabrics! Yes I love precuts!! angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

  59. Leigh K. says:

    This looks like an amazing Blog Hop. I can’t wait to see the incredible projects. I love precuts since I work full-time it is nice to be able to reduce some of the prep time by having strips already done.


    Love precuts since they are a time saver. Waiting like a child for birthday presents to see the wonderfulness to come!

  61. Deb M says:

    If it’s fabric, I love it!

  62. Ioanna Barz says:

    I adore precuts , can’t wait to see all ambassadors projects!

  63. Ioanna Barz says:

    I adore precuts , can’t wait to see all ambassadors projects!

  64. Zeimpeki Eleni says:

    Thank you for this chance to win! Good luck to everyone!

  65. Kathy Harris says:

    I do love precuts. Can’t wait to see all the projects.

  66. Thunder says:

    I love pre cuts. looking forward to seeing all the creations of ambassadors. I always enjoy these hops. thank you for doing this island batiks

  67. Cecilia says:

    Yes, I love precuts! They save me a lot of time!

  68. Wanda Myers says:

    Can’t wait to see all the fabrics and projects!

  69. Betsy Lewis says:

    I do enjoy precuts, they all make life easier especially when working on smaller scale projects.

  70. Eleni says:

    I love pre cuts. The collections are so beautiful. Thanks!

  71. Susan Spiers says:

    I have not worked with any pre-cuts until recently when I found some hexagon cuts at the local thrift store! Very pretty fabric & excited to get it sewn together!

  72. Shonnie says:

    I love precuts! They are a great way to get a lot of variety without purchasing yardage.

  73. Linda Williamson says:

    Yes, I love pre-cuts. This looks like another great blog hop. Can’t wait to see all the wonderful fabrics and projects.

  74. Kathy L says:

    Love Island Batic fabrics. Thanks for the giveaway.

  75. Susan L. says:

    I love products and use them all the time. My favorite precut is a charm pack but live to use all kinds.

  76. Dawn F. says:

    I enjoy precuts. My latest project is using a layer cake and a “cake recipe”. It is turning out well so far!

  77. Diana Thomas says:

    Yes, I do like precuts. Not a fan of pinked edges, but, I still use them. I love batiks the best–the feel, the colors, the patterns *swoon* Thank you for your generous giveaway <3

  78. Darlene B says:

    I love fat quarters the best!

  79. Stephanie Smith says:

    Beautiful ..luv luv luv it so excited

  80. Pam says:

    Yes, I love precuts. It makes cutting a quilt so much faster!

    1. Thanks for a great blog hop and also for the giveaway! I enjoy working with precuts, and yours are gorgeous!

  81. Ioleen says:

    This is going to be exciting. Looking forward to seeing lots of beautiful projects.

  82. Diantha Howard says:

    I haven’t used pre-cuts much, but I think they’re a great way to check out a new collection!

  83. Janet Stiles says:

    The more I use pre cuts the more I like them.

  84. Carla Hundley says:

    Love blog hops and
    can’t wait to see all
    the creations! I love
    using Fat Quarters.
    Carla from Utah

  85. Maryellen McAuliffe says:

    This is going to be fun! Thanks again for the great Ambassador boxes, and letting us play with the gorgeous fabrics.

  86. Nancy Sumner says:

    Yes! I love precuts. Makes life so much easier plus you get a selection of the whole fabric line…what’s not to love?

  87. Gail says:

    I have not yet worked with precuts other than fat quarters.

  88. Alicia Liermann says:

    Love these!

  89. Ed Huehn says:

    I have fun creating improve with layer cakes. It gives me a variety of compatible colors and designs for me the work with. I hope to start teaching my creative process in the future.

    1. Lovie Ball says:

      My kind of colors. And batik are great to work with.

  90. Terri W says:

    Precut love-of course! When I need a quick finish “fix” or an easy last minute gift, they are a go-to 🙂

  91. Connie German says:

    Oh yes, precuts make it easy.

  92. Nancy says:

    Beautiful fabrics!!

  93. Rhonda Best says:

    I do love Precuts! They make a lot of decisions easier, plus you get a sample of lots of fabrics!

  94. Anna brown says:

    Yess I enjoy precuts….very nice blog hop….can’t wait to see more….

  95. Laura says:

    I love collecting them. I haven’t quite mastered using pre-cuts yet.

  96. Carol Andrews says:

    Precuts are wonderful to play with. Often a strip or square of fabric will give me the inspiration for a new quilt design. Of course, then it is time to shop for the perfect coordinating Island Batik fabrics! 😄

  97. Pamela Reim says:

    Always wonderful ideas on a hop with Island Batiks

  98. Patti Karp says:

    These fabrics are luminescent. Love them!

  99. Cindy Vincent says:

    I love precuts and Island Batik fabric.

  100. Jo-Anne Cooper says:

    I have never sewn with batiks – yet;)

  101. Lori Smanski says:

    I do love pre-cuts. They get my imagination flowing for a pattern more so than a yard of fabric.

  102. Michele W says:

    I love precuts for how quick a quilt can come together!

  103. Julie B says:

    Beautiful fabrics. Thanks for sharing.

  104. Patricia Evans says:

    The only pre-cuts I like tp use are fat quarters. I’ve had too many problems with unevenly cut pieces in charm packs and 2 1/2″ strips and I really dislike the pinked edges. So I’d rather pick and choose and cut my own fabrics.

  105. MaryBeth Little says:

    I do use precuts frequently, but yardage more often.

  106. Jocelyn says:

    Sounds like a fun Blog hop.

  107. Rochelle Summers says:

    I must like precuts because I have so many. For me, I like fat quarters. I will buy other sizes if a pattern requires them and I don’t want to spend my time cutting lots of strips or squares.

  108. Nicole Sender says:

    I like fat quarters but prefer yardage!

  109. Lois H Klarenbeek says:

    Looks too hot for me!! But love it!!

  110. Barb K says:

    I do love precuts–I have quite a few strip rolls I need to find patterns for!

  111. Debra Ash says:

    Wonderful colors!

  112. lee says:

    I love precuts – it helps get right to the fun part of designing! Thank you!

  113. Susan N. says:

    I haven’t really used pre-cuts other than fat quarters.

  114. Brenda says:

    Fantastic blog hop!

    1. Brenda says:

      I do love precuts!!

  115. Rosemary Barron says:

    I love the colors of the batiks!! Lovely!

  116. Lee Ann says:

    This is a fabulous blog hop! I have loved Electric Desert since I first saw it, and my daughter is now living in NM. Can’t wait to use it!

  117. Katlyn Koester says:

    I love precuts! I gather them over a period of time, then combine them into one project or make many little things from them.

  118. Eileen Lloyd says:

    Love the colors

  119. I love precuts and these colours are gorgeous!

  120. Julie B says:

    Batiks quilts are beautiful because of the colors and textures of the fabrics.

  121. ShirleyC says:

    I absolutely love precuts! I have arthritis in my hands, and anything I don’t have to cut is wonderful.

  122. Beth B B says:

    I love precuts…and yardage. I just love fabrics and especially batiks!

  123. Beth B says:

    I love precuts…and yardage. I just love fabrics and especially batiks!

  124. Pamela Casey says:

    I love precuts! All the fabric colors are coordinated for you!

  125. Karrin Hurd says:

    Great projects, thanks for the opportunity!

  126. Hot batiks and cool tropical colors, too.. Thanks for a generous giveaway.

  127. Margaret Handlin says:

    Love your fabrics and colors!

  128. Nina E says:

    I love precuts and these fabrics are gorgeous!

  129. Jody Warner says:

    Yes, yes, and yes!!! I LOVE precuts! And I think Island Batiks fabrics and colors are awesome!! Thank you so much for the give aways!

  130. Audrey Morrison says:

    Batiks are my absolute fav.

  131. Rebecca Smith says:

    I tend to prefer yardage; however there are times where the precuts are super handy.

  132. Terry carney says:

    Precuts are a great way to get a scrappy look fast and easily.

  133. Terry carney says:

    Precuts are a great way to get a scrappy look fast and easily.

  134. Καλομοίρα Μπογιατζόγλου says:

    I just love fabrics and especially batiks!

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