Ordering & Payment

Ordering and Payment Information

Retailers can visit with a sales representative in their area to view the product and have any of their questions answered. Orders can be placed directly with Island Batik over the phone, online, or via e-mail. If a sales representative is not available in your area, we can ship a set of fabric headers, a “traveling sales set”, to your store, and, of course, all fabric images can be viewed on our interactive website by logging in above.

All of our fabric is produced by hand, made to your order, and is delivered around 4 months after ordering. However, we do have an extensive in-stock fabric program that offers a variety of fabrics available for immediate delivery to your store! Log in to see what’s in stock!


New shops to Island Batik must prepay for their first order either by credit card or by sending a check while a credit check is performed. In order to establish a credit account with Island Batik, please fill out a credit application, and, as an FYI, Island Batik manages its own accounts.

Contact us with any questions or to speak with an experienced product consultant at 760-602-0607 or info@islandbatik.com.