A Quilt for Fran

A Quilt for Fran

We know you’ve heard a lot about Quilted In Honor. But one thing you might not have heard about is Fran. Fran was a large part of the inspiration for the Quilted in Honor initiative for Caleb, the Island Batik President and CEO. The two men grew up together and while Caleb was off at school, Fran joined the military and spent many years of his life in service to our country.

Caleb wanted to thank Fran with a joint Quilted In Honor and Quilts of Valor quilt. He worked with a local Quilts of Valor volunteer and professional longarm quilter Collen Craven to make it all happen!

Colleen Craven and Caleb Willis

Together, Colleen and Caleb picked Cozy Quilt Design’s Early Light pattern and of course, Quilted In Honor Fabrics!

Quilted In Honor Fabrics

Colleen pieced and quilted this beautiful quilt and was able to share it with her guild before we sent it off to Fran.

Quilted In Honor Quilt

Collen Craven

Caleb Willis and A Quilt for Fran

This special quilt was presented to Fran in May in Branford, Connecticut, by Jane and Marilyn, two local Quilts of Valor volunteers. Below is a photo of Fran with his quilt and his mother, Mary.


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