Summer 2016

These fabrics are available for ordering beginning in July 2016. All orders placed in July are scheduled for November 2016 delivery. The standard shipping schedule (12-16 weeks) applies for all orders placed after July.

Sea Canyon

Trek through the gorgeous Sea Canyon collection by Kathy Engle in this never ending pallet of patterns and earthen inspired hues. Amidst the juniper fern greens and smoky mountain purples, you will explore patterns of pine sprigs, bears, maple leaves and butterflies! Multiple tones of sea foam blue wash upon kelp & vine patterns over this canyon. As the warm sunset inspired fabrics set in the distance, you can catch a glimpse of rich amber swirls and mulberry butterflies over this fabric landscape. Don't miss out on yet another inspiring collection to call yours!

Sea Foam

Take a look and see frothy blue waves, sea-glass green foams, sparkling tanned sands and plum sunsets in this naturally inspired Sea Foam collection by Kathy Engle. You’ll find a spectrum of golden browns with floral prints and twinkling tropical sea blue colors amidst our picturesque beach fabrics. There is a color for everyone to fall in love with as we approach warmer weather! Take notice of the spring forest greens with fresh leaf patterns before they too are swept away in the summer breeze!

Spoolin' Around

Grab those buttons and threads and get ready to get silly with the Spoolin’ Around collection by Kathy Engle! Mocha browns, bubblegum pinks and peony purples are only the beginning. There are soda pop bubbly greens and spinning button teal blues just waiting to be paired with a yarn filled macaroon cream or even a swirled watermelon red. You’ll be tied up before you know it with all the possibilities this collection has to offer!

Spring Zing

Got cabin fever? Kathy Engle has a cure for that: the Spring Zing collection! Grape flavored and sweet lilac purples will awaken your senses with the never-ending swirls and leafy patterns. Shades of pine, mint, juniper, and even shamrock are in full spring bloom. There are even hues of sunshine oranges and rosy reds for the warm color fans. Don’t delay and get your Spring Zing fever started!

Tide Pools

Peer just a little beyond the surface and you’ll find Kathy Engle’s palette paradise in this season’s Tide Pools collection. Vibrant with periwinkles and seaweed greens only scratch the surface of this collection’s spectrum! Seashells, swirls, bubbles and netting all play amidst the flamingo pinks and sandcastle tans. Spy a se-urchin inspired purple fabric and bottle green sea foam fabric. Tide Pools will only leave you wanting to explore more!

Wind and Sea

Set sail with our spirited Wind and Sea collection this Spring! Get ready for adventure with its gusts of purple, gentle greens and bursts of blue! You'll find leaves of all shades and swirls of sorts as you travel through Kathy Engle's beautiful adventure of ocean-inspired colors.