Spring 2016


Fall in love with Autumn all over again with Fourth & Sixth Design's Equinox! Smell the pumpkin spice lattes and hear the leaves crunch under your feet as you traverse through this collection. Warm cider oranges and marigold yellows will find a special place in any project. Catch a few falling leaves and sweet circles on several fabrics. Caramel and mocha browns add an array of warm colors amidst baby spring greens! There are so many hues to choose - you'll certainly find a few to fit on your shelves!


From the mountain to the prairies to the oceans, you'll experience nature's picturesque beauty and more in our Landscapes collection by Kathy Engle. Granite tans and forest greens line your sight as sunburst oranges light the scene. Peer into our teal blue and lush purples from the highest point. The unique dying process used to make this collection gives these fabrics a look that is a must for all shop shelves. All these natural wonders could be yours!

Rain Forest

Shadowy blues, glimmering greens, forbidden purples- Oh My! Welcome to the alluring Rain Forest collection by Kathy Engle. You’ll be entranced by the array of floral life found in several fabrics and swirls of secrets hand dyed on several others. Rare mahogany reds, ancient lazul blues and tiger-eye golds are waiting to be discovered. Ivory hues and fossilized blue-greys will surely win over fabric thrill seekers! You have been warned: it is very easy to get lost in this fantastical fabric Rain Forest!

Red Tide

Get ready for another beautifully executed collection by Kathy Engle: the rare and gorgeous Red Tide. You’ll be amazed at the assortment of purples and reds with greens to warm any project this season! Amethyst hues and royal purples are accentuated by spring leaves and blooming swirls in the never-ending choices for rich-color fans! Cherry reds, lime greens and horizon oranges are the stuff of dreams. Don’t be surprised if you too fall in love with indigos and sunrise inspired colors in this Red Tide! 

Sand Dune

You're about to embark on a journey to Kathy Engle’s Sand Dune collection where a lush desert oasis is surrounded by lively greens and sun-kissed oranges. Tanned browns and sandy hues dance in the arid winds. You'll be craving to see what other desert diamonds lay beyond this sand dune! An assortment of leaves hand-dyed on nutmeg, toasted marshmallow, and eggshell browns will only leave you serenaded in their shade.  Wild parakeet glitter amidst sage-brush greens in this hidden paradise. Take a peek at this collection and see what Sand Dune colors you fall in love with!


You can just feel the sun, sand and surf in the Seashore collection by Kathy Engle for Tamarinis. The warm creams, greens and purples will bring delight to your sea-salted senses! There are netted violet purples, bubbly dusty rose pinks and summer punch oranges for all.  Beachcombers will be excited to see the hand dyed treasures awaiting in the Pacific sea blues and catch a glimpse of coral reefs amidst sand dollar tans. There is a colorful surprise awaiting everyone in the Seashore collection!


Ready to make a lasting impression on your projects this season? Look no further: check out the Splash collection by Kathy Engle! You’ll be itching to play with the assortments of zesty greens, popping pinks and blissful blues in this bold collection. Twirling leaves and dancing palm fronds are bounding around fusions of colors in the spirit of spring. Dare to explore the jungle vine greens, fuchsia pinks, aqua blues, and cotton candy swirled purples. Take a leap this season with the help of our Splash collection!

Surf Squirt

Come out and catch a color wave with our playful Surf Squirt collection by Kathy Engle for Claudia Pfeil Designs! From the daisy yellows to the deep sea blues; there is a color for any sunny day fan. Pineapple colored swirls, coral reef greens and bubbling ocean blues are all hand dyed batiks ready to ride this color wave. Sangria red, gecko greens and orchid purple are simply a few in this collection. Try out the polka dotted sapphire and you’ll be jumping to the golden angel-fish print before you know it!


Feel that warm breeze billowing in Kathy Engle’s Trade Winds collection this Spring & Summer season! Blustery blues and gusts of horizon oranges are all part of this carefully crafted and inspirational collection. Netted patterns portray the ocean greys, navy blues, seaweed greens and tawny browns to capture the ceaseless spirit of the winds. Don’t get too caught up in the shimmering tanned beige shells or you’ll miss the Tuscan sunset hues!