Sales Team

Island Batik is proud to work with a great team of sales representatives across the United States, allowing us to offer personal service to our customers wherever they are located.

If you are interested in contacting an Island Batik sales representative directly, please find the contact information for each representative below. You are also more than welcome to call or email our offices and we can put you in touch with the representative closest to you.

Angie Delaney
States: Arizona, Colorado (Southern), New Mexico
Tel: 480-688-3419   |   Fax: 480-659-7457   |   Email:

Carol Cama
States: Alabama, Florida
Tel: 315-415-9963  |  Email:

Carrie Strong
States: Oregon, Washington
Tel: 503-510-7136 | Fax: 503-792-4744 | Email:

Deb Matthews
Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska
Tel: 417-414-5387  |  Email:

Charles Gillentine
States: Mississippi
Tel: 770-441-9899 | Fax: 770-441-2122 | Email:

David Brandon
States: Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma
Tel: 469-449-9308 |  Email:

Don Merrill
States: Kentucky, Ohio (Southern), Indiana (Southern)
Tel: 513-232-7015  |  Email:

Eric Meyers
States: Michigan, Ohio (Northern)
Tel: 740-334-7593 |  Email:

Laura Regnaud
States: North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia
Tel: 864-884-9420 |  Email: 

Ernie Miller
States: Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin
Tel: 651-647-0212  |  Fax: 651-647-2388  |  Email:

Jim Kunik
States: New York, New Jersey
Tel: 610-715-2586    Email:

Jim Yourinson
States: Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia
Tel: 302-478-9797  |  Fax: 302-478-9797  |  Email:

Katie McCollum
States: California (Northern), Nevada (Northern)
Tel: 916-320-3351   |  Email:

Kelly Meyer
States: Alaska
Tel: 907-232-5950  |  Email:

Ted Witek
States: California (Southern)
Tel: 951-850-3381  |  Email: 

Mike Zorovich
States: Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, Connecticut
Tel: 508-887-5010  |  Fax: 508-519-8287  |  Email:

Notions in Paradise
States: Hawaii
Tel: 808-845-3232  |  Fax: 808-848-0850  |  Email:

Peter Holmes
States: Illinois, Indiana (Northern)
Tel: 630-377-2746  |  Fax: 630-377-8871  |  Email:

Ron Garn
States: Utah, Colorado (Northern)
Tel: 801-870-8289  |  Email:

Christy Pyles
States: Colorado (Northern), Idaho, Montana, Wyoming
Tel: 307-840-6363  |  Email: